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Delivers mass audience but affords no demographic targeting capabilities

Fleeting Impressions for billboards

  • Exposure time is very short, typically 4-8 seconds
  • Exposure expanded if located near traffic intersection or areas where tie-ups occur

Difficult to measure exposure

  • OAAA and Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) initiated audited traffic counts for posters
  • Typical visibility count ranges between 40-70%

Even those who see the creative are probably not fully engaged as they focus on other activities such as driving, limiting attention and recall

Consumers’ concentration on mobile phones may supplant any attention to billboards, other formats including site placed

Copy Limitations: Creative must be brief and direct to account for short exposure times

Inflexible: Once a message is up, it generally stays up through the duration of the contract, even if the advertiser’s needs have changed. Additionally, printing is expensive and may take weeks to produce and replace a display (New digital boards lessen this, but currently represent only a small percentage of OOH faces)

Creative can be easily damaged by weather or be vandalized

Poor Image: Government and environmental issues threaten OOH in some areas, limiting potential sites for placement

Clutter: In some markets or areas of markets there are so many billboards that individual messages may be swallowed up by the clutter

Potential for new venues is virtually unlimited (elevators, bathrooms, etc.)