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Plus Radio

  • Based upon an analysis of over 2,100 local radio ads across 6 different categories:
    • Radio generated an average 29% lift in Google search activity.
    • Search as a result of radio advertising is greater on weekdays versus weekends.
    • Radio driven search is higher during midday hours.
    • Quality of radio creative has a direct impact on increased search behavior.
    • (Source: RAB:Radio Drives Search, Media Monitors, Sequent Partners, In4mation Insights, 2017)

      Awareness: Many consumers already have a business name in mind when they turn to the PYP. Maintaining a radio ad schedule will make sure people have been exposed to messaging about your business and insure top of mind awareness among future prospects in the market. Consumers can’t turn on the radio to research businesses when they are ready to buy, but if they’ve been exposed continually to radio ads, your business will be on their mind when they turn to local search.

      Exposure: Ads in the PYP are not seen until a consumer is consciously looking for information. Ads on radio are intrusive and reach consumers every day, conveying your business’s unique selling proposition and providing a known name when search begins.

      Flexibility: Once the paper Yellow Pages are printed, a business’s message is set for the year. Ads on radio can be changed periodically to focus consumers on different aspects of the business, including sales and location, that they’ll recall when referencing the PYP when a need arises.

      Mobility: Radio listeners frequently hear advertising in cars and they also make decisions on where to shop, eat, etc. while driving. The ability to now to search for a business online lends immediacy for follow-up to message heard on the radio.