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If you don't have a personal user id and password to, you will need the MASTER ACCOUNT credentials for your station or company. These MASTER credentials allow you to set up your own personal access to -- a personal account that is linked to the company where you are currently employed.

Ready to Setup Your Personal Access?
If you have your MASTER credentials and are ready to set up your own personal access, return to the login page and enter the master user id and password. From there, you will be prompted to set up your personal credentials. Once you have a personal USERNAME and PASSWORD, you will use it every time you visit

Don't Know Your Master Credentials?
The easiest way to get the MASTER credentials is to simply ask your manager. If you still can't locate your master credentials, call us at 1-800-232-3131 or email

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If your station or company is not a RAB Member, find out how you can join by calling 1-800-232-3131 or email