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The Perception vs. Reality study: A great opportunity for radio

A study commissioned by leading radio broadcasting groups that was released last week painted a dramatically different picture of the perception of radio’s reach. According to the report, which incorporated data from Nielsen, Edison Research and Advertiser Perceptions, advertisers estimate radio’s weekly reach at 64 percent, when in actuality, Nielsen pegs it at 93 percent.

The study also revealed that AM/FM radio’s audience is 9 times that of Pandora and 17 times larger than Spotify, dispelling the popular notion held by advertisers and agencies that the share of listening is roughly the same among traditional radio and the audio streaming services.

Digging deeper into the results of the survey, RAB SVP/Professional Development Jeff Schmidt spoke with Pierre Bouvard, chief marketing officer for Cumulus Media and Westwood One, who emphasized the need for radio to leverage the study’s positive findings in getting the true listening statistics out to advertisers.

Follow this link to watch the interview with RAB’s Jeff Schmidt and Cumulus Media’s Pierre Bouvard, as they discuss the opportunities for selling radio that the Perception vs. Reality survey provides.

Source: RAB