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Election 2016 impacting voters

America loves radio and political advertisers, much like brand advertisers, are looking to reach the right voters at the right time, while ensuring a significant return on investment (ROI). Consistently, radio has been proven to provide political advertisers an ROI double that of even the best results of many other media, and this year radio is poised to deliver even more.

At a recent seminar held in Washington DC, produced by the Radio Advertising Bureau in partnership with Katz Radio Group and Nielsen, political advertisers and consultants learned about the new big data targeting capabilities that Nielsen is now able to provide. This data affords advertisers the ability to literally pinpoint the voters they need to reach in select markets.

It was also revealed that as political campaigns look for the right radio format to reach a specific voter group, they're likely to discover that what works in one market won't deliver the same results in another. Format preferences vary dramatically from market to market — even for the same political persona.

Source: Tammy Greenberg, RAB

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