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Radio poised to take advantage of increased political ad spending

Borrell Associates just released its updated report on political advertising for this year, and it includes some great news for radio. According to the study, "2016 Political Ad Spending Update – The Biggest-Ever Year Just Got Bigger," overall spending on campaign ads is predicted to increase 3.1 percent – some $357 million – to a record $11.7 billion.

"This means really good things for radio," says Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. "It's in a great position to get quite a bit of this extra money." According to Borrell, that's around $90 million.

In this interview with RAB's Jeff Schmidt, Borrell discusses the overall increase in 2016 political spending, how radio can best position itself to take advantage of it, and what it means for the future.


Source: RAB