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What’s the point?

This week we had a member contact us looking for the “mission statement” of the Certified Radio Marketing Consultant program. We had to do some digging, including looking in vintage manuals and course materials, and we think we discovered a viable answer for the member.

Often, when you begin searching for specifics, you find more than you were looking for, as was the case this time.

Business News Daily had an article about company “mission statements.” Here is what they said about them:

“The mission statement should be short, yet resonate with both employees and those outside of the organization. A statement should express the organization's purpose in a way that inspires support and ongoing commitment. It is up to the mission statement to set the tone of the company and to outline concrete goals.”

Do you know your company’s mission statement? Do you have a personal mission statement? If you don’t, you are left to wonder “what’s the point” of doing what you are doing?

Early in my selling career, I learned of a mission or purpose statement that encapsulated, for me, the true essence of a professional seller.

“To identify, and then satisfy, the customer’s needs; profitably, from the customer’s point of view.”

I loved the simplicity, the directness, and the direction it gave me as I was launching a successful career.

At the RAB we teach the “7 Steps to Sales Success.” In each step of a successful career, it’s the focus on the customer and the passion to solve customer problems that makes a difference.

I adopted that mission/purpose statement early in my career. With the help of my mentor I also added: “Think big; make big things happen.” Those two sentences together provide a powerful purpose for me to be excited about every day.

In my experience, having a strong mission and purpose is critical to sustained successful performance.

Speaking of sustained performance, Erica Farber, President and CEO of the RAB, is leading a panel discussion called: Creating Sustainable Performance at the NAB show in Las Vegas on April 18. I’m sure they will be talking about mission statements.

When the going gets tough, if you aren’t clear on what your purpose or passion is, you’ll find yourself unmotivated, struggling, and frustrated.

I would love if you would share your personal and/or company mission statement. Would you email it to me?

Purpose = Passion. Passion = Performance.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB