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Why radio political ad spending is roaring back in 2016 – and which operators will benefit the most

In a February earnings call with investors, iHeartMedia CFO Rich Bressler touted the lift political advertising will bring for the San Antonio-based media company this year. "We all love the races that are going on – and whether it's Trump or Cruz or Rubio or Sanders or Clinton, that bodes well for all of us," he said. "We feel very, very good about this year going into political." iHeartMedia, formerly known as Clear Channel, isn't alone. While radio companies haven't been top of mind when it comes to new and exciting modes of political advertising – think Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat – they will enjoy a solid boost this year as candidates want more targeted advertising; they are expected to turn to the medium to sway voters in local races that will be hotly contested.

Source: The Street

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