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Cold-calling pitfalls to avoid

Here are three pitfalls usually associated with cold calling. You may correct them with a change in attitude: -- Making the cold call approach confrontational rather than consultative. When prospects feel confrontation, they often feel provoked or challenged. Salespeople who are too anxious to close the sale in a cold call decrease the odds of closing. Successful salespeople get a clear picture of the prospect's objectives and show how their product or service will meet them. -- If the prospect feels pressure rather than help. When prospects feel pressure during a cold call, they feel that demands are being placed on them. Creating demand and force won't work in a cold call. Patience, respect and understanding will give the salesperson a good feeling for the prospect's motivation to buy. -- When the salesperson shows self-focused goals rather than prospect-focused ones. Prospects have a multitude of choices of how and what to buy. Effective salespeople help, support and share knowledge with their prospects, especially during cold calls.

Sales consultant/author C.J. Hayden