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Should Clients Be Advertising Now?

The short answer, not surprisingly is "yes." There is lots of information and research to support advertising in a down market, providing information to your customers and potential customers, telling them about inventory availability, etc.

That all sounds great, right? In my experience, it still fells – well – uncomfortable to be selling advertising when the world seems in crisis. Then Tony Mennuto, president, Wordsworth & Booth, was part of one of our free RAB Business Unusual webinars. He asked a thought-provoking question: Why are late-night hosts doing their shows on a computer from home each night rather than just running re-runs?

Tony's answer: So they can stay relevant, current, and connected to their customers (audience). The same goes for advertisers.

Consider this research:

• Kantar estimates that a six-month absence from TV will result in a 39% reduction in brand awareness • Sixty-five percent of respondents said that a brand's response in crisis will have a huge impact on their likelihood of purchasing in the future • Sixty percent said they are turning to brands that they can absolutely trust • Over one-third of consumers said they have started using a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way it has responded

Mennuto's advice to advertisers based on this research:

• Do not go dark, your customers are counting on you • Be compassionate and not self-serving • Be innovative

Advertising is information, and people are starved for relevant recent information that is beneficial for their lives. Tomorrow we will focus on what to say when you advertise in times like these.

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Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB