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I Am Capable. I Am Willing. I Can and I Will

Christie is a graduate of our CRSM program and attended our live presentation on Tuesday featuring Dave Ramsey. With her permission, I’m sharing some excerpts from her email because it inspired everyone on our team, and we know it will inspire you. Christie writes:

My favorite takeaway from Dave Ramsey…

"Tell your intellect to tell your emotions to shut up."


Seriously good stuff.

I had my breakdown last Thursday. My brain knows this is temporary. My heart hurts for my sellers. They feel like they’ve disappointed me, and I know they are doing everything they can. We are NOT working from home. We are getting up, getting dressed and coming in every morning at 8, using the “downtime” to be part of the 1% who are learning something, adding to our toolboxes and are preparing for the onslaught of reopenings that we pray are coming.

Arkansas was a little late to the game, as our first case wasn’t until March 18, so we haven’t even peaked yet. Then we had an EF3 tornado hit the middle of our retail district on March 28. Ten days later, another EF2 tornado hit 20 minutes south of Jonesboro.

Crazy, crazy times…. so, the fact that we are still on the air, no one has been killed and so far, no staff affected by COVID. We’re fighting to keep hold of every bit of business we can. Staying connected to clients by video messages on our phones, handwritten notes, sneaky deliveries of goodies and little happies to make them smile. We’re keeping an eye on client’s birthdays on Facebook and sending video birthday songs. We’re emailing our promos to show that we are doing everything we can to help them – not just survive but thrive. We launched the www.jonesborostrong.com website, and it’s been amazing.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities from the RAB to give my team limitless opportunities to grow, to be better and more successful.

I guess that’s why when Dave said what he said about telling your intellect to tell your emotions to shut up, it resonated so loudly with me.

I am capable. I am willing. I can and I will.

Thank you, Christie, for allowing us to share your inspiring story, and thank you for being you! You are capable, willing, and you’re doing it with grace and passion!

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB