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What Are Consumers Thinking?

Part of being a top-performing salesperson is having a pulse for what consumers are doing and thinking when it comes to buying habits and behaviors. Knowing what consumers are thinking helps you guide your advertisers and prospects to the appropriate strategy to maximize their market share and selling efforts.

Last week, the RAB hosted a live presentation: Your Changing Audience. Nicole Bergen, Founder, Elevate, and Andrew Finlayson, EVP, Smith Geiger, shared some great new research on what consumers are thinking and how they plan on behaving as the world moves through COVID-19. RAB members can watch the on-demand version of the presentation and download the slide deck by visiting our Business Unusual/Open For Business section.

The presentation covered a wide range of research and provides valuable information on messaging, prospecting approaches and more. That’s why we encourage members to get the deck. Today, we’ll share two slides with you, and tomorrow two more in our sales tips.

These slides show what our presenters refer to as the “post-pandemic” consumer behavior.

Of note is the excitement developing about getting out and shopping. Look at the automotive question – great news for local dealers, the vast majority do NOT plan on buying their next vehicle online.

These slides and the entire deck are the kinds of resources that can set you apart from all the other media sellers calling on your clients and prospects. This vital information can help you and your client plan their strategy and allow your clients to be customer focused. Sharing this information helps you stay customer focused.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB