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What Are Your Companies Core Values?

When companies struggle, as many are today, what often separates the survivors from those who thrive is not what they do, but why.

Monday during Radio Show, the Backstage Conversation featured three broadcasters sharing their struggles through the pandemic and how they are doing today. J Chapman, President of WoofBoom Radio in Indiana and Ohio shared that their response to the pandemic and all the ugliness that came with it was to go back to the core values of the company. By returning to the core values of WHY they do what they do, they had a clear purpose, clear values and a filter for all the decisions that needed to be made.

We have all witnessed the incredible strength and impact broadcast companies have in their communities. From charitable pursuits, like food banks, to working with advertisers struggling to keep their doors open, broadcasters in local communities are truly difference makers.

That’s WHAT they do. Why they do it is very personal and oftentimes unique. WHY they do what they do is a powerful motivator, a trusted guide and a rallying point for everyone on the team to come together to fulfill the purpose.

If you’re an owner or manager in a leadership position, the question is: does your team know the core values of the company? Chapman said that he needed to remind everyone of the core values frequently.

While it might seem similar, it’s not a mission statement or a vision statement. It’s the core values, the very reason your company exists. Every company has core values, but if they aren’t articulated and defined by the leadership they are likely defined through speculation and behavior.

If you want to maximize the cohesiveness on your team, consider following Chapman’s lead and clearly and frequently articulating your company’s core values to all who work there. You’re likely to find that doing so will increase motivation, participation and performance.

As a student of why people do what they do, I would love it if you would share your company’s core values. Maybe if we gather enough core value statements, we can help others develop theirs. Please email your core values or why statement here.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB