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Are You A Believer?

Do you believe in radio? Advertising? Belief turns into passion, passion turns into purpose and when you have passion and purpose, you are unstoppable in serving your clients.

One sure way to identify if a seller has belief in advertising is the length of contracts they propose to clients. It’s always disheartening to see sellers present month-long, or 13- and 26-week contracts. The purpose of advertising is to change human behavior, and that’s no easy task. It certainly can’t be accomplished in a month, or even six months. For evidence that long-term is the effective way to approach advertising and marketing, look at some national advertisers. If you hear the words, “Like a good neighbor,” you instantly know it’s State Farm Insurance. If you hear the words, “We’ll leave the light on for you,” you know it’s Motel 6. State Farm has been using those words and advertising their brand since 1971. Motel 6 began using that phrase in 1983. That’s belief, that’s long-term effective advertising, and it’s why you can finish the sentence.

During our one-day Sales Essentials training – (Next Class November 17, click here for details and to register) we encourage that ALL presentations be at least annual presentations. Unless it’s a one-time event, we have yet to be presented with a valid reason not to ask for the annual.

Here are nine reasons you should always ask for the annual:

1. You’ll never get an annual that you don’t ask for

2. All evidence confirms that advertising works when used consistently

3. Smaller advertisers need more time to be remembered

4. People forget – The Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting

5. Annual presentations require you to bring your A-game

6. Annuals indicate YOUR BELIEF in the product

7. Annuals reduce performance anxiety – not chasing dollars every month

8. Annuals work

9. Annuals elevate the relationship and allow you to focus more on strategy than selling

While conducting a client-advertising seminar in Ontario, Canada a few years ago; we discussed concerns business owners were having with advertising and advertising reps. One retailer told us: “I just wish they would treat me like I’ll be in business next month.”

Even in the pandemic and a year as crazy as 2020, the research continues to confirm that those who commit to a long-term strategy win. Are you willing to make every presentation you make an annual presentation? If you are, we’d love to hear your results.

Do you believe?

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB