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Campaigns That Get Results

For any radio sales team, fleshing out the key marketing objective is the critical first step in designing a successful campaign. This requires a close synergy with the advertiser to identify the target customers, the right campaign goals and then assembling the right mix of tactics that will get those consumers to take action. Maybe the campaign should lean more heavily on traditional broadcasting, or maybe it would benefit from the addition of some digital elements. It’s really about the key performance indicator – the metric that spells success for the campaign – and the right tactics to get you there.

Here are some elements of a truly results-driven campaign, with a laser focus on the key marketing objective:

• Know the target consumer, as in age range, gender, geographic location, income level, etc. Utilize the types of messages that have resonated with this target customer in the past.

• Focus on quality over quantity. In other words, it’s about selling a highly targeted program focused on the customer’s needs.

• Over the long term, continually revisit that key marketing objective to see how it’s working, and whether it needs recalibrating based on changing market factors.

At the end of the day, it’s about establishing trust with the client, delivering upon agreed KPIs and building a foundation that will not only ensure future renewals but also secure an ongoing spot for your station in the advertiser’s overall marketing budget for years to come. By setting key marketing objectives and consistently delivering upon them, you’re demonstrating that you’re a true partner in the customer’s success.

Source: Todd Kalman, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketron