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Does Your Phone Work?

Sending email is a fantastic form of communication. You can thoughtfully prepare an email, write some more, re-write, edit and write again, all before sending so that you make sure your message is perfect. Email is all so easy, you can send it whenever you want, when it fits your schedule and whenever you’re ready. What’s not to love about email?

Receiving email is a fantastic filter to only read the things that are significant or have value to you. You don’t have to waste time opening envelopes or waiting for the mail to arrive. Just open your computer, click on the email button and voilà, there it is. Email is also portable. You can read it on your phone, tablet or even have Alexa or Siri read it to you. Email is also incredibly easy to delete. We probably delete more emails in a day than ones we read and respond. Who has time for that? That’s the beauty of email. Don’t like the message? Hit delete, and don’t respond.

See the issue?

Email has value to BOTH the sender and the receiver, for very different reasons. On a recent coaching call, a seller asked me to help construct the perfect email to get past the gatekeeper. We talked it through, and then I said, “why don’t you also type that out, print it, handwrite an envelope and send it in the regular mail?” “Oh, old school, I love it,” she responded.

There is another tool that has demonstrated its value for years. Your phone. If you’re having trouble reaching a client or prospect, sometimes it’s best to just pick up the phone and call them.

Point? Don’t rely on one form of communication in your prospecting and follow-up efforts. Use all the tools available to you – yes, even the “old school” stuff like handwritten letters and the phone.

People are never without their phone these days. What a great way to (stealing from an old AT&T commercial) reach out and touch someone.

We’re in sales, so people (prospects) tend to ignore us. With all these tools at your disposal, your professional persistence will be rewarded.

Do you have a favorite way of getting in touch with clients and prospects? We’d love to hear about it. Email me here, or better yet, call me – 972-753-6765. (I promise not to delete.)

Jeff Schmidt is SVP-Professional Development at the Radio Advertising Bureau. You can reach Jeff at Jeff.Schmidt@RAB.com or follow him on social media: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB