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It's time to dust off your sales strategy

While there's still some uncertainty about what advertisers will spend in 2023, there's none about adjusting your selling strategy. You can use this to your advantage. Here are some tips on how to refresh your sales strategy. Recruitment advertising has a lot of dollars behind it. Many of your advertisers may need employees more than customers. Even if economic downturns occur, many industries will still need workers, including transportation, health care, municipal, trades and teaching. Find out who the biggest employers are in your region, and start conversations about how your advertising tactics can help them improve the quality of applicants, leading to more hires.

Some advertisers may pull back on spending, and it’s time to tell them why they need to remain visible. A continued investment in branded radio spots keeps them top of mind for consumers when their need becomes immediate. For example, many people don’t need trade services (plumbing, HVAC, etc.) until an emergency. When such an incident occurs, they may recall those commercials and seek those businesses out specifically. Even though someone hearing the spot may not need a service or product immediately, these spots keep the advertiser visible to the market.

Focus on delivering value to your advertisers as someone who is helping rather than selling. Local advertisers have various concerns about budgets, what channels to use and what messaging should say. The dynamic shifts when you take on the role of advisor and consultant. Take the time to educate them with anecdotes and facts about advertising ROI, especially when using traditional and digital tactics. You know the local market better than any other media seller, so lead with this. The significance you bring to the table is much greater than competing on price.

Adjusting your sales strategy to include these components will help you hit budgets in 2023. Keep paying attention to what's happening in your market so you can adapt accordingly. Being agile in your approach is always the best way to stay fresh and ready.

Source: Todd Kalman, SVP Sales, Marketron