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Have a good attitude, no matter what

A good salesperson will have the resilience to keep calling, even if it's been a bad day — whether they just keep hearing the word "no" or they've had a run of bad calls.

Every salesperson I've seen that's worth their salt goes into their next call thinking, "This is going to be my big win for the day." It doesn't matter if they've already had a couple of wins or a couple of knock-downs, they go into the next call confidently.

Without a positive attitude, it's incredibly easy to get sucked into a negative spiral. You start thinking, "Yesterday wasn't that great, and today isn't going to be either. I'm never going to make my target for this month." If you have that kind of attitude, you're right — you won't make your target.

Don't defeat yourself with negativity. Put your chin up, be upbeat and look at the day in a positive light — a good attitude will close sales far more often than any fancy product you could offer.

Source: David Mackey, sales trainer