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Takeaways from Radio works for Small Business Retail — Now available on demand!

RAB hosted a live presentation that featured a returning Casey Taylor from CivicScience, Linda Fahey from Dark Horse Media and Chris and Corbin Edwards from Tucson Appliance Company for another "Radio Works" presentation, Radio Works for Small Business Retail. Taylor presented data that can help sellers in understanding the small business category. Fahey and both Edwards discussed their relationship with local media sellers and how radio works with small businesses. Here are just a few takeaways:

Shopping at local businesses went up significantly from 2020. Support for local and small companies skyrocketed during the pandemic and has remained consistent. Consumers who shop at both small/local businesses and large retailers equally were at a highpoint in 2020 but have dropped slightly since then.

Different age groups are now starting to shop online rather than in stores. Online shopping is relatively limited to a handful of categories for various consumers. For example, for the clothing/footwear/apparel category, 38% of adults between 18-34 shop online rather than in person, 36% of adults ages 35-54 shop online, and 43% of adults 55+ do the same.

Source: RAB

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