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Just released — New RAB customer needs analysis system

Based on RAB's Radio Marketing Professional Training and Certification program, we've created a new customer needs analysis system.

In today's economic environment, clients' businesses are constantly experiencing change. That's why marketing professionals understand that working with current and prospective clients requires constant examination of a business' challenges and opportunities.

Reflective of this new sales process, we've developed a Customer Needs Analysis (CNA) system, not just a form. Available on RAB's Professional Development section of RAB.com, we've created six potential CNA conversations into PDF forms available here. Each page can stand on its own depending on the client's personality type and the amount of time you may have with them. This system provides six specific strategies to maximize the information you gather and confirm. It will also be time-saving and efficient — getting the information you need to help their business.

Source: RAB

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