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Have you discovered all the features of the NEW RAB.com?

We hope you've been enjoying the new RAB.com we released earlier in the year. We've received lots of positive feedback and suggestions from many of you. We have been telling you a lot about a new component, the Manager's Dashboard, but did you know you can also favorite your most-used tools on the site? Bookmarking your favorites is easy! After signing in to RAB.com, go to your favorite tool, such as Instant Backgrounds, The Pitch or Top Business Trends. On the upper-right corner of the page, you will see a sliding button that says "Favorite Add to MY RAB menu." You've just created a favorite. The next time you log into RAB.com, go to the MY RAB drop-down menu, also on the upper-right, and you will see all your favorite tools listed. Use this to save time and go directly to the tools you use the most.

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