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It's how you say it

Prospects think faster than they speak and faster than they can listen. If salespeople speak too fast, prospects may erect barriers to slow or even derail their sales efforts.

So effective salespeople avoid these voice traits that can kill sales:

  • Mumblers. If prospects often ask you to repeat yourself, you might be a mumbler.
  • Slow talkers. If prospects look bored during your presentation, you may be speaking too slowly.
  • Fast talkers. Speaking too quickly can also be a turnoff, especially if it's caused by the fear that people won't listen if you slow down.
  • Screechers. These are salespeople with loud, piercing voices. Learn to calm down, and take a deep breath before starting your presentation.
  • Weak voices. Salespeople with this problem usually don't breathe deeply enough. They need to speak up and act more confidently.

Source: Sales trainer William J. Quirk