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Popeyes Chicken is “Tear’n Up” monthly sales promotions

Have Popeyes chicken franchises in your market? Each year, Popeyes runs 10 to 12 limited-time offers. Franchisers and their association often have local marketing funds available to push these campaigns beyond just the national advertising.

During the summer, Popeyes usually has a chicken tenderloin special because people can eat them more easily on-the-go. This month, they are partnered with Spotify in a “Tear’n It Up” campaign that features a 35-song playlist to which consumers can submit their own recommendations for songs. Popeyes is spending $8 million on the campaign.

What will they do over the coming months and next summer? Talk to your local Popeyes franchisers and to the regional franchise association to explore ways your station can create local promotions that tie into the national efforts and drive sales on the local level.

Brandeis C. Hall, VP/Professional Development, RAB