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When the customer says yes, then does nothing

This situation occurs in about 1 in 3 sales training sessions I conduct. It's one of my favorite (not really) things to hear from salespeople:


You got the verbal? You got nothing.

If you're a professional salesperson, you probably already know this. If you're new or struggling, here's the tip:


Deals go bad. Prospects lie. Things change. All of these events can change the VERBAL in a New York minute. So what should you do?

1. Watch what they do, forget what they say. If someone gives you a VERBAL, take it at face value and keep your own emotions and expectations in check.

2. Drive the process. Once the VERBAL comes, it's your job to drive to an end. Share the crystal clear steps: i.e., Thanks, Joe. Here is a document that outlines specifically what happens next.

3. Stay mentally behind the deal. Everyone around you will want to "get excited." Not you. You stay even-keeled. You get excited when the money hits your checking account.

Last but not least. No matter who asks, never again say: I GOT THE VERBAL.

Source: Sales trainer/consultant Bryan Neale