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You are always on stage

What habits do you have that could potentially create a negative perception of you with your customers and prospects?

It could be your style of dress, a dirty or bent business card, disorganized samples, typos and grammar mistakes in written communication, your table manners at business dinners, a cluttered car, talking too much, or any of a myriad list of behaviors that your prospects and customers observe. Think hard, and be honest with yourself. Then begin the process of changing these behaviors.

You see, in sales you are always on stage. Everyone from the guys in the guard shacks, to the receptionists, to the decision-makers are watching you and based on their perceptions, deciding if they like you or not.

If you want to close more business and earn more commissions, it is imperative that you work tirelessly to influence these perceptions. Being likeable won't necessarily guarantee you get the deal done, but being unlikeable will almost certainly guarantee that you won't get the sale.

Source: Sales trainer/consultant Jeb Blount