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Honesty is the best policy

Successful salespeople all use a range of different styles and techniques, but they also all share one key thing in common: they know that honest communication is the single most important secret to increasing sales, and commissions.

By focusing their efforts on creating a positive customer experience based on openness and trust, these top performers can almost always rely on an extraordinary level of repeat sales. Nine times out of ten, their customers would simply never even think of looking elsewhere when they need to reorder. As we all know, it's far easier – and far more profitable – to keep repeat business, than it is to land a whole new account.

So what's the "secret" to establishing and maintaining credibility in the eyes of your clients?

Don't lie. Ever. End of story.

Lies not only damage the ability of salespeople to communicate with their clients. They can also result in a complete communication breakdown that is difficult – or even impossible – to repair.

Source: Marketing consultant Colleen Francis