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Pluralistic Ignorance

In times of uncertainty, isolation and social distancing, it’s very easy for us to feel disconnected from each other. Even when these conditions do not exist, there is a phenomenon in social psychology known as "pluralistic ignorance." What that means is that people feel like they are the only ones who feel or act a certain way; “normal people” don’t feel this or act like this – "I must be the only one."

The danger of pluralistic ignorance is that people feel worse than they need to about current situations thinking they are the only ones. You can help your clients who may be suffering from this phenomenon by sharing with them stories of other clients you’ve talked to, sharing your own experience and listening to them and assuring them that they are not alone.

Here at the RAB, we’ve been amazed these last few weeks at the level of compassion, caring, and concern shown by our members, for our members and for our communities. We often think of radio as a one-way communication tool. One-to-many. In times like these, however, picking up the phone and communicating directly with your clients can be exactly what they need to lessen the pain.

How many people can you call today and help?

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB