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What To Say When You Advertise

Yesterday's RAB Sales Tip answered the question, "Should you advertise in times like these?" Today's tip is focused on the critical components of appropriate messaging.

Jamie Aplin, CEO of CreativeReady, was also a guest expert on the RAB Free Business Unusual Webinar. Aplin provided tips for when you're at the keyboard ready to craft the messaging:

• Keep it simple • Give people time to acclimate to the new normal • Provide messages of comfort, encouragement and inspiration • Provide something to offset the constant barrage of negativity • Feel-good commercials that evoke warm fuzzies • Something that says, "We're in this together."

Aplin says, "Our advertisers have an opportunity to be the antidote to the doom and gloom information being shared."

Many small businesses are struggling to just survive. Trying to sell them advertising -- even in this style -- is not going to be possible. In those cases, Aplin suggests compassion and understanding. For those who have the ability and the desire, advertising can help them further connect their brand to their current customers, reach new customers and be the chosen business when we come out of the other side of this crisis.

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Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB