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Recency of Experience

Geoff is a corporate pilot -- they are still flying. On our video call, he told me he had just finished five days of school. “School? Why are you going to school? You’ve been doing this for 33 years,” I asked in my most “supportive,” yet inquisitive tone. He told me they were changing the airplane he flies, from the Challenger to the Gulf Stream G550, and he had to go back to school to relearn the Gulfstream. Geoff had flown the G5 before, but because it has been six years, he was required to go back to school and get his recency of experience.

Isn’t it comforting to know that pilots are required to maintain their experience and training? Similarly, doctors, lawyers and many other professions are required to have continuing education as part of their careers and licenses.

Sadly, this is not true in sales. There is no law requirement for ongoing training...

In Search of Learning Agility, there was a multiyear study done by the TR Clark Company. It was sponsored by the American Society of Training Development. The report is a comprehensive look at adult education and on-the-job competency.

According to In Search of Learning Agility, “There is no such thing as permanent competence or a fully developed skill set in either individuals or organizations.”

Here are four things ongoing training will do for you:

1. Build your confidence. The more proficient and competent you become at something, the more confidence you have in your ability. 2. Creates a better work environment. People who are invested in doing and becoming their best build on each other. This creates a team spirit, improves morale and job satisfaction. 3. Boosts careers. By consistently learning, you not only enhance your job security; you avail yourself to promotions, increases and greater responsibility. All because you are constantly growing. 4. Personal satisfaction. For the reasons I listed and many others, continually training in your field will make a major difference in your life. You will enjoy increased intellectual stimulation, satisfaction and find greater reward in all that you do.

The great news is there is no shortage of resources to help. We have been amazed at the hundreds of salespeople who took advantage of our free RMP course offering. It’s exciting to see and be around people (even virtually) who have a passion for new learning.

I’m sure the passengers on the G5 that Geoff will be flying next week will appreciate that he went back to school and spent a week in the classroom and the simulator to relearn how to fly the plane safely and effectively.

What do you want to learn this week?

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB