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When Was the Last Time You Rolled in the Grass?

When we get into a car, we are so focused on getting to where we are going. Do we actually enjoy the ride? Today's sales tip is inspired by my 13-year-old beagle, Willy. When Willy goes on a car ride, he has no idea where we are going or how long the ride will last – it's just fun. Dogs don't have the capacity to worry about tomorrow or what happened yesterday. They live in the moment – right now – always. When Willy gets home, he's so excited, he rolls in the grass – for no reason. It's just fun.

In recent conversations with co-workers and friends, it seems like we are all ready for this crisis to be over – ready to move on, to get back to normal. It was Winston Churchill who first said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Have you stopped to appreciate what you've been able to accomplish while on lockdown? Many have been doing amazing work from home during this situation. Many companies have found unique and inspiring ways to serve their customers and communities. Many have grown closer to family, friends and business associates despite social distancing, without breaking the rules and finding new ways to connect.

We can look at this crisis and point out all the restrictions, the problems, the tragedy. All of which are real. Or we can instead focus on the things we've accomplished; challenges we've overcome and new opportunities that have arisen. Sadly, bad things have happened in the past and they will happen in the future. There is no way to avoid or ignore them. What you FOCUS on, however, is up to you.

In watching Willy's excitement as we returned home after our latest ride, the thought occurred to me that maybe we can take a cue from our canine friends. Today, or any day, would be a great time to appreciate life and just roll in the grass – because it's fun.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB