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Uncertainty Still Prevails, But It’s Different

We came into this COVID-19 crisis in March using terms like “uncertainty,” “unprecedented,” etc. Now as we enter mid-May, the uncertainty still exists, but what we are uncertain about has changed.

Now the uncertainty is how to move forward and not how to get through. Local municipality rules and state orders regarding opening businesses or allowing in-store traffic will have an impact. Even if all the restrictions are lifted, all research points to consumers and businesses taking an individual approach to moving forward. The approach that provides the individual with comfort, security and peace of mind.

We started down this path together, suggesting that you call your clients rather than waiting for them to call you. That advice is more poignant now than it ever has been. Not just communicating with your clients, but communicating frequently, is the best advice.

You’ve got this. Reframe this as a new business startup. Many businesses may feel like they are starting over. The three primary skills that made you successful before COVID-19 are the same skill sets that will help you lead your advertisers and prospects into a post-COVID-19 world. (Am I even allowed to say post-COVID-19 yet?)

1. Empathy - The ability to feel another’s feelings (walk in their shoes) 2. Expertise - Your knowledge and expertise in marketing, advertising, business 3. Problem-Solving Skills - Your ability to tie the two together to help your clients

You’ve built careers on these skill sets and now more than ever, your prospects and clients will look to you for leadership. This is a time when clients actually WANT to talk to you. They need you. They need to know what you know, and they need to know that you can help.

Whatever the current status, we, as marketers have a unique ability and skill set to drive the economy forward.

Who can you call that needs your help and expertise today?

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB