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Are You a Believer?

Sales is the transfer of belief from seller to buyer; when the transfer is complete, the sale is made, and the business relationship begins.

In selling radio advertising, there have always been distractions. “Shiny new things” that grab the attention of our clients and prospects. One of the positives that has come out of COVID-19 is the amount of research that has been conducted on media consumption, reach and engagement (see Radio wins, again, as it has consistently for years. At the same time, everywhere sellers turn, there is an attack on their belief in radio.

The number one thing that a radio seller must possess to be successful, is belief. Do they truly believe in what they are selling? I dare argue that belief is more important than even skill and intellect. This week, I had the opportunity to coach a seller from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was sharing how she lost a sale to a company that was going to restart their advertising as things move forward and the client chose AdWords instead of her proposal. In theory, AdWords could substantiate the value for the client and she had nothing similar to use to prove the effectiveness of radio. (“Except the last hundred years or so of clients having success,” was my thought.) It was clear that she needed an infusion of belief in the product she was selling.

If you’re a sales manager, the best gift you can give to your sellers is building their belief in the effectiveness and power of advertising, as well as marketing radio as an effective medium with an ROI-generating advertising strategy as part of an integrated, multi-platform plan. Each week in your sales meetings, you should be sharing research – sharing success stories of current clients. The media attention that is shaking seller belief is fierce. It’s our job to push back with facts, figures, stories and case studies. Facts, figures and case studies will help you build the stories that build belief for sellers and clients and case studies of your own station’s successes are powerful.

Your belief in radio will be transferred to your sellers. In turn, your sellers’ belief will be transferred to clients and you will continue to have a measurable, sustainable impact on the bottom line of your customers everywhere.

Are you a believer? Visit and go to the “Radio Facts” tab. You could literally spend all day in that section of the website building belief. In crisis, people think differently and act differently, which is why we created the Business Unusual section of the website, now a blue bar across the top of your screen. A good story requires good content. At, you will find more than enough ways to help build your belief and the belief of your sellers.

It all starts with belief. Are you a believer?

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB