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The Value of a Brand

Quick — take five seconds and name the first four brands that come to your mind. How easy was that?

When was the last time you purchased from one of those brands?

As media sellers, we should always be consulting our clients on the value of building their brand. Especially now, since a lot of local advertising was on hiatus for the past month(s); brand-building will be required for many. There is no shortage of success stories nationally. All the names you know on a national basis (and the ones you just came up with) are a result of comprehensive, consistent and ubiquitous branding efforts. had a very compelling graphic about brand impact from COVID-19.

The purpose of branding is to help your clients become known before they are needed. When a purchase decision is made, 80% of the time the consumer chooses a brand they already know and are familiar with. This is why branding is so important.

The most effective brand strategies are consistent across all platforms. The brand message is clear, whether it's a social media campaign, a broadcast campaign, a billboard campaign or an event. The core message is shared and maximized for the medium the client is using, and it's consistent across all media.

Branding may be simple, but it's not always easy to remember all the various touchpoints. The most effective branding incorporates the four keys to advertisings success: Reach — Are you reaching the right people? Frequency — Are you reaching them with enough repetition? Consistency — Consistency is measured in years, not weeks. Compelling Creative — Is your message resonating? Utilizing the power of branding and the four keys to advertising success, your local clients will once again be the brand people think of first and one they will want to do business with.

Often times in branding, it's the "details" that really make a big difference on the efficacy of the brand. These are called touchpoints. Borrowing from Brandsformation® Master, Chuck Mefford, we have created a BrandIgnition Touchpoints evaluation form. It can also help you as a salesperson, as you help your clients maximize their brands. If you want a copy of the evaluation form, email me at

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB