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Time for S.M.A.R.T. Prospecting

Prospecting is SMART

S - Strategic

M - Methodical

A - Adventurous

R - Rewarding

T - Targeted

Now that Open for Business signs are starting to move across the country, companies that have been closed will need to start communicating to their current and potential customers. In our world, we call this prospecting. If you’re not interested in “dialing-for-dollars” and “churn-and-burn,” then you need to focus on S.M.A.R.T. prospecting.

Smart is an acronym. S stands for Strategic. You don’t want to just pick up a phone and start dialing. You have to have a strategy for your prospecting. M is for Methodical. This means consistent and planned behavior. Not something you do in a panic; you have methodical system of prospecting. A stands for Adventurous. Meeting new people, learning new businesses; this can all be an exciting adventure. Don’t look at it as something you have to do, look at it as an adventure you get to enjoy. R stands for Rewarding. Not only can the adventure of meeting new people and learning new things be exciting, it can be rewarding financially. Finally, the T is for Targeted. You don’t want to “spray-and-pray.” You want to target your efforts to the people most likely to have the opportunity, or need, to do business with you.

This ties nicely together with the Prospecting Success Indicator tool that we shared a few weeks ago. If you missed that tip and want the tool, just email us here.

Your RAB has great resources to help you qualify prospects and target your efforts toward the categories that best match your programming. Spend some time on the Sales Tools/Prospecting tab of It’s a SMART thing to do.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB