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Brand Consistency

As many local companies are reopening and starting to deploy marketing campaigns, will you work to ensure consistency? At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show during a marketing panel discussion, Greg Revelle, CMO for Best Buy, said they have changed their marketing approach. They used to have a web campaign, a social media campaign, a broadcast campaign and an in-store campaign. What they found is since using the same messaging consistently, but tailored to the marketing channel they are using, they are getting much better results.

If you want to be a trusted advisor to your clients, you’ll help to ensure that their messaging is consistent across all channels. You can sell “just radio,” or you can be a marketing consultant and help them coordinate all of their integrated marketing efforts. The Four Keys of Advertising Success are some of those fundamentals that will help us as we help our clients reimagine the future:

1. Reach – reaching the right people and enough of them 2. Frequency – reaching them enough times (repetition) to make an impression 3. Consistency – consistent messaging across channels and for a long period of time 4. Compelling Creative – messages that resonate with the intended buyers We know from experience; advertising is very powerful and can build brands very effectively. Think of the names of companies you know. This is the result of long periods (years) of consistent messaging and frequency to get them implanted in your brain.

The branding battle doesn’t occur on the radio, on screens or on billboards. The branding battle occurs in the consumer’s mind. Mind share most often leads to market share. Using the Four Keys can help you be the trusted advisor that helps your clients become the brand people think of first and feel best about when they need a product or service.

If it’s working for Best Buy, don’t you think it can work for your clients?

Source: Jeff Schmidt , RAB