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Eight to Be Great

Yesterday, RAB hosted a live presentation called The Creative Vaccine. Members can watch this session on-demand on our Business Unusual page. With businesses reopening and advertising increasing again, the panelists all indicate that this is a perfect time to reimagine ourselves, our stations and most importantly the creative that we are presenting on behalf of our client.

Yaman Coskun, CEO of Yamanair creative, shared his 82BGreat rules of effective copywriting: 1. Treat humor like a prescription medicine. 2. Write like you talk. 3. Write for the listener. Not for the client. 4. Target the heart. Not the mind. 5. One spot. One message. 6. Leave white space. 7. Use data and research like salt and pepper. 8. Inspire. Not instruct.

We encourage you to stick to the fundamentals. Great creative comes from a great Customer Needs Analysis. The more you know about the client, the more effective you are at determining the appropriate creative strategy.

Sadly, even today, we still hear less-than-effective commercials on stations large and small. The issues tend to center around clich├ęs or too much copy, or too many ideas in one commercial.

"RAB is your one-stop shop, conveniently located, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you with all your commercial writing needs, and much, much, more." Yuck.

In commercial writing, less is more. Your goal is to make an emotional connection with your audience that allows them to have positive feelings about your advertiser.

"RAB has a wealth of resources in the sales process and specifically creative. Please spend some time on our website and see if you can find value in helping you write even better commercials."

Great commercials get great results. Great results mean repeat customers and happy customers.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB