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Shift Happens

It seems every day we talk about a new shift required to stay safe, to open businesses or to help our clients. Nothing is the same as it used to be and going forward, “shift happens.” One of the shifts that is occurring now is the messaging necessary to resonate with potential customers.

Last week, RAB hosted a live presentation: Your Changing Audience. Nicole Bergen, Founder, Elevate and Andrew Finlayson, EVP, SmithGeiger, shared some great new research on what consumers are thinking and how they plan on behaving as the world moves through COVID-19. RAB members can watch the on-demand version of the presentation and download the slide deck by visiting our Business Unusual/Open For Business section.

There is some great research in the slide deck to share with your customers and prospects as you help them determine the appropriate strategy and the shifts they need to make in their business. This is what we call being a sustaining resource seller. Providing much needed and valuable information to your clients and prospects.

You’ve likely seen the video on YouTube® about all commercials sounding the same during COVID-19. It’s funny and not funny at the same time. Part of the presentation from Bergen and Finlayson talked about what worked during COVID and what won’t work now.

One of my favorite lines from the presentation from Andrew Finlayson regarding messaging was, “Share, don’t scold.” In other words, don’t scold people for not wearing masks, or social distancing or anything. Instead, share with them what your client is doing to keep them safe and reduce their risk. By sharing instead of scolding, your client can lead by example and at the very least calm the fears of potential shoppers.

These slides and the entire deck are the kinds of resources that can set you apart from all the other media sellers calling on your clients and prospects. This vital information can help you and your client plan their strategy and allow your clients to be customer focused. Sharing this information helps you stay customer focused.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB