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What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story, and most like to tell it. Last week while working with Katelin, a new seller, I was reminded again of the importance of the Customer Needs Analysis. It was her first one, and she did a fantastic job. In reviewing Katelin’s excellent notes, a pattern emerged as to where the best and most useful information comes from. Three specific areas of focus. They all start with a single question then based on the answers, additional questions and discussion points. It was very helpful for Katelin and me to review these areas of focus. Maybe you’ll find some value as well.

First focus area: Your client/prospect/customer

1. What’s your story?

a. How did you get into this business, anyway?

b. Why do you do this, besides the money?

c. You are successful. What’s your secret or the things you did to get here?

d. What’s the next level for you?

e. What’s preventing you from being there?

Second focus area: Their client/prospect/customer

2. Your customers and potential customers – what’s their story?

a. Why do they do business with you?

b. If they don’t, who do they do business with? Why?

c. Who is your ideal customer? Think of one specific person and describe them.

Third focus area: Financial

3. How many people shop here in an average week?

a. What percentage of them buy from you?

b. When they buy, on average, how much do they spend?

c. How often do they buy from you?

d. What is something your current or future customers don’t know about you?

The information you gather in these three key areas will help you create a strategy to achieve the client’s objectives.

Review your C.N.A.s from last week. We’d love to have you share any areas you find most helpful or your favorite C.N.A. question. There are lots of new sellers like Katelin who could benefit from your wisdom.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB