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In yesterday’s Sales Tip, we flippantly asked the question; “Who would buy meat out of the back of a truck?” We have our answer and a great reminder from Tom at Des Moines Radio Group. You can read the answer below. The great reminder is never to judge a book by its cover. As Tom found out, even a client who sells meat out of the back of a truck needs our help, and we can provide it. Who would complain about a $10,000 order over two weeks? Congrats Tom, “The Meat Guy,” for a great sale, and thanks for sharing the story…


I about fell off my chair this morning when one of my counterparts (John Streets) referred me to your article this morning, “The Tale of Two Sellers.” While the point of the article was articulated well (trust) the question as to who would buy meat out of the back of a truck must be addressed!

You see, it was in July of this year we received an incoming call from a customer wanting to buy air. Our DOS gave me the dubious honor of working with the customer who just so happens to sell meat out of the back of a truck. Looking back, I have wondered why none of the salespersons would touch this type of business with a 10-foot pole. I soon found out why.

Rather than boring you with all of the gory details of the sale, I will instead show you some pictures of what the meat sale looked like in West Des Moines and how the customer chose to pay … which I had count by hand and mark with a counterfeit pen (see pictures attached) … Apparently, this type of business is an inside joke within the Des Moines Radio Group and a “rite of passage” for the new people. I am now affectionately known as, “The Meat Guy.” That is until a new salesperson is hired!

Oh well … all’s well that ends well. The customer ended up spending over $10k in a little over two weeks and the people of Des Moines bought steak out of the back of a truck and lived happily ever after … go figure.

Keep up the great work at RAB and thank you for all you do!


P.S. Now you know for certain your articles are being read and who buys meat out of the back of a truck!

Thomas F. Fitzgibbons

Des Moines Radio Group

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB