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You Are in Total Control

At RAB, we are consistently inspired by our members. We recently did a two-part sales tip series on preparation for 2021. The over-arching theme was attitude.

Scott Kortemeyer, a radio and digital marketing consultant for Midwest Communications in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, shared his insights on controlling attitude:

Attitude has been one of the most escapable things for me as an adult.

I remember when I was a kid and I could nearly will whatever I wanted to have happen as a hitter on the baseball field. I didn't doubt what I wanted and what could happen would happen. My personal belief was such that my attitude was self-maintaining. I didn't bat a thousand, but it didn't matter because I felt good about myself.

I see now, as a new seller, how I'm setting my attitude with my thoughts and the inner program that is always on. When I wake up, I need to consciously choose the right thoughts. When I go to bed, I need to have good thoughts. If I can start my next day before I go to bed, that makes a huge difference. Those thoughts – through prayer and belief – I choose the night before, set me up for an easier time to have the same thoughts in the morning which set me up for the day.

Thanks, Jeff.


What is really great about Scott’s insight is that he takes ownership for his attitude, and as a result, his performance takes a back seat to his belief in himself. He also correctly shares that HE CHOOSES his attitude each day and doesn’t allow circumstances to dictate his attitude. That’s insight and self-awareness.

Most people don’t think about what they think about.

Did you ever think about that?

Thanks for sharing, Scott!

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB