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What Do You Know About Radio?

One of the strategies we encourage when prospecting and working with clients is to consume information from their category – from appropriate organizations and publications.

Today, that is incredibly easy due to the content distribution and ease of consumption. From automotive to zoos, most every category of business has a trade association and usually a website and an email subscription newsletter. The benefits of subscribing and frequently visiting the websites are too numerous to mention. The top three reasons are:

1. You learn what challenges the category is facing

2. You learn what the experts in the category recommend as solutions

3. It helps you stay current on the changes happening in the category

As many of you know, most business owners don’t have time to read their category publications, so by doing it for them, you can provide them with that business advantage.

Similarly, staying current on the broadcast and media landscape allows you to know what your colleagues are dealing with and the solutions they have created.

This year, the industry conference - Radio Show, produced in partnership between the Radio Advertising Bureau and the National Association of Broadcasters, has transformed to Radio Week, and it is a virtual show.

Past Radio Shows (and hopefully future ones) required travel and days out of the office. This year, because the show is virtual, it is more accessible to anyone who wants to attend. Cost-wise, if you’re a member, registration is less than taking a client to lunch ($25). The value is hearing from experts inside and outside the industry who will be sharing the challenges and solutions.

We are all trying to “figure it out.” One of the challenges is that things change every day. Attending Radio Show sessions can help you find solutions, and just as importantly, give you the confidence of knowing you’re not alone.

Knowledge is power, and there is comfort and energy when like-minded people gather together to share their passion and purpose.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB