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How to Write Prospecting Emails That Work

Sadly, we all have more than enough examples of poorly written, poorly targeted and mass emails that we can easily ignore or delete.

RAB members are the best. Irene Vagle, account executive, Hubbard Radio Alexandria/Wadena, attended a webinar with award-winning copywriter Steve Slaunwhite and Teneo Results president Lisa Leitch. Irene shared the strategies she learned that will boost your sales email success rates by 35% or more. Here are the key takeaways:

Clients are reading more emails by phone/mobile, so be sure that you catch their attention within 10-15 words. “I couldn’t help but notice you’re hiring” or “I see you’re expanding.”

The five P’s of an effective email:

1. Personalize – One-to-one communication

2. Problem – Identify a problem

3. Present – Suggest a solution

4. Proof – Offer proof that the solution works

5. Propose – Propose a meeting/conversation/further exploration

To execute these five “Ps,” you need to do your homework on the prospect/business – it doesn’t take much time and you will be more prepared and targeted. Find out about their professional background through LinkedIn, website and social media.

• Write conversationally to one person – no mass marketing

• Get to the point fast

• When using another business or person as a reference, put that in the first 10-15 words of the email

• Don’t pitch/sell – offer them a solution

• Don’t apologize – “I’m sorry for the intrusion.” Instead, offer a solution

• Before sending the email, send it to yourself and see how it looks

• Read the email out loud to yourself, how does it sound?

• Make an appointment for phone follow up: “I’ll call you on Thursday at 2:15 to discuss”

The subject line may be the only thing they read, so get their attention. Example: forklift company… “Another Spill on Aisle 10” (I like this one, gentle humor is good right now). You might find this website helpful in coming up with subject lines.

With some creativity, planning and targeting, you’ll be able to increase your email response rate and secure more appointments with prospects.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB