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One Way to Be A Source of Business Intelligence

Yesterday, we shared the why regarding the importance of being a source of business intelligence to your clients and prospects as it relates to prospecting. Today, we offer up the how – an easy way for you to get the business intelligence that will help you have more engaging conversations with your clients and prospects, as well as being better equipped and positioned to help them solve their problems.

One of the new member service offerings for 2021 at RAB is our Radio Works for – (insert category) presentations each month. We started the year with healthcare. On Wednesday, we took another deep dive, this time into home improvement. We had Grant Farnsworth, of the Farnsworth Group, as your industry expert to give us an overview of the category. His presentation was rich with the latest data and resources to help you better understand the category, and equally important, to share with your clients. The trends and data he shared will impact your clients and provide you with opportunities to help.

Then we had two great salespeople, Anna Koehler, from Hubbard Broadcasting, and Ruth Wardrop, from 7 Mountains Media. Each gave specific examples of clients in the category they are working with; they provided the case studies of their results – which are amazing – and they shared their sales process journey for how they were able to capture this business and help their clients.

How can you have the same impact for your clients? We hope we’ve made it a bit easier by providing these monthly Radio Works for (various categories). By watching the presentations live or on-demand, you will be better equipped in each category. Not only do we provide the recorded presentation, but we also provide the slide decks, case studies and data which can all be used to build your story with prospects and create intelligent, thoughtful questions in advance of a great customer needs analysis.

We have provided a clickable link to the healthcare category from February. Here is the clickable link for home improvement, and here is the link to sign up for all the categories we will be presenting this year.

Knowledge is power and information (business intelligence) is the new currency to earn face time with clients and prospects.

Great weekend learning. Happy Friday!

Jeff Schmidt is SVP-Professional Development at the Radio Advertising Bureau. You can reach Jeff at or follow him on social media: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB