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The Monday edition of Radio Sales Today is filled with new resources, new opportunities and it spotlights trusted and valuable resources available to you as a RAB member. If you haven’t done so in the last six months, you would benefit greatly by contacting Dolores Nolan or Brooke Williams on our membership team to schedule a Member Benefits webinar. These are live interactive walk-throughs of the resources of RAB. They are free and make great sales meetings.

Advertising sales can be a brutal world. Previously, we have shared the negative perceptions associated with the profession. At the same time, some people are wildly successful in this profession, having the time of their lives impacting the businesses in their local communities. Often, the difference can be one simple resource or one new idea. RAB is here to support, encourage and empower you.

Billy Crystal played Mitch Robbins in the movie City Slickers. In the final moments, after his exhaustive search for meaning and purpose, his loving wife tells him, “It’s okay, you can quit your job as an advertising salesman.” He smiles and says, “No, I’m not going to quit my job, I’m just going to do it better.”

You can do it better if you want. Just ask RAB!

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB