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Trust is the foundation of any relationship. On Friday, we shared the results of the Myers Report Survey of Advertisers and the fact that trust was ranked as the number one attribute in the 2021 survey. Due to the importance of trust in building solid long-lasting relationships with clients, we created an acronym and a new RAB tool for the word trust.

T - Transparency – Your clients and prospects deserve the straight story – no spin.

Things change, and mistakes happen. Sometimes with the best intentions, strategies fail to deliver. When they do, don’t sugarcoat it or try to spin it in a favorable light. Tell the truth – even the ugly truth – and work with the client to make the appropriate adjustments.

R - Responsibility – Behavior, not words, mean the most.

Take responsibility for your actions. This can be as simple as showing up for appointments on time or making calls when you said you would call when it comes to more complex follow-up on campaign attribution, recaps, etc. If you make a commitment, take responsibility for it – follow through. When mistakes happen – and they will – admit them immediately and take action to create solutions.

U - Understand – It’s our job to understand our clients and prospects.

Running a business today is more complex than it ever has been. The more you can demonstrate that you understand your clients unique challenges, the more likely they will be to buy from you. People buy from people who get it and get them.

S – Service - superior service demonstrates the importance of your clients.

You can never maintain a long-term competitive advantage based solely on product and price. It’s what you do beyond the product – it’s your service that will set you apart.

T - Truth – Be truthful in all interactions. Truth is the foundation of trust. In the other areas of trust-building, there is likely some latitude and room for mistakes. But when it comes to truth, a single lie or misrepresentation can kill a relationship.

If you’d like this in a simple easy-to-read PDF, just send an email here and ask for the RAB Trust Tool.

Jeff Schmidt is the SVP of Professional Development. You can reach him at You can also connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB