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On Wednesday, we had our live presentation, Radio Works For Wellness. You can click on the title to see the on-demand version and resources to go along with it. One of our presenters was Dr. Vera Kurdian, CEO of Advanced Behavioral Health in Middletown, Connecticut. Months ago, Dr. Kurdian seeing the pending trouble with the pandemic’s effects on her practice, called the local radio station because she knew she had to do something. As a result of that call, you’ll see her success story on It’s another great case study on the power of radio.

Wouldn’t it be great if more clients thought of radio first and called us when they needed help? That’s a topic for another tip. Not only is this a valuable lesson for other business owners, but it’s a lesson for us as marketing professionals to think and act like a business owner and a leader when it comes to dealing with our client’s issues. Dr. Kurdian shared that “thinking like a leader” requires at least five things:

Don’t wait for the problem to land in your lap.

Constantly look ahead, and see the train coming before it’s here.


Listen to your staff and your trusted advisors.

Don’t wait for your budget and your business to dry up; be proactive.

Dr. Kurdian is an exceptional businessperson with keen insights, instincts and risk tolerance. Not everyone is like Dr. Kurdian. This is where we come in. As marketing professionals and business consultants, we can be the forward thinkers, or the people looking for problems. We can look out for the train before it gets here, and help your clients get around it.

Click the link below to click to the video of Dr. Kurdian’s remarks in full context. What a great thing to share with a struggling client. Following Dr. Kurdian’s advice as we approach clients and teach them the approach to problem solving that Dr. Kurdian uses could be just what the doctor ordered for a struggling business. You can provide the resources, foresight and help they need. You could be the change they want. Jeff Schmidt is the SVP of Professional Development. You can reach him at You can also connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source: Jeff Schmidt, RAB

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