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Rescuing wounded deals

Top closers are able to rescue wounded deals. It begins with planning.

They anticipate what near-fatal objections or obstacles could come up before the close and make response and recovery plans.

They are rarely caught off-guard, even by an unexpected turn of events. The essential factors in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat are:

Early warning. You can't know too soon that something has started to go sour.

Intuition. You need finely honed instincts to tell you when something is not quite right with the "perfect" deal.

Indicators that your intuition should activate include a prospect who doesn't return your calls or one who doesn't ask the detailed questions that should be asked.

Persistence. Never say die. You're only defeated when you admit you're defeated.

If you refuse to give up on the deal, your prospect will see your determination and your confidence in your product or service. Don't accept defeat.

Swift response time. Quickly respond to a failed close by addressing each issue raised.

Try to include a nugget of new information that is relevant to the prospect. The point is to bring in new ammunition.

Source: Brian Tracy, sales author/consultant