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Using fear to your advantage

Great salespeople have fear. The difference is that the best are fearful of not being the best, or not winning. Struggling salespeople are fearful of losing.

The real question is not "Are you fearless?" The real question is, "How are you going to use your fears to make you better?"

The next time fear has you, try the following:

Name something that you were fearful of that you absolutely didn't get through. We get through everything.

Develop a plan B and take action immediately. Have plan C ready to go if need be.

Recognize what your mind and body does when fear pays a visit. Invite it in, and then invite it to leave.

Greatness is about going where no others will go ‐ don't try to tell me there's no fear attached to that. The key is to recognize and use your fear so that it becomes your friend.

Healthy fear tells us we're on the edge of a breakthrough. We're in the right place doing the right thing. That's a little different than letting fear own us.

Source: Chuck Mache, sales consultant/coach