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Don't try to 'wing it'

A well-designed and properly rehearsed phone script is a powerful tool for projecting a confident and competent professional image. In addition, a script guarantees that every call is delivered in a consistent and concise manner.

Sales reps that prefer to "wing it" and shoot from the hip tend to lose focus and are quickly sidetracked down numerous unproductive paths. It's been said that the only thing worse than listening to a salesperson using a phone script, is to listen to one without a script.

Here are some proven tips to help you create a phone script that will keep your appointment calendar full:

Write out your entire phone script from hello to goodbye.

State your name and organization at the beginning of the call.

Timing is everything. Be considerate by asking your prospect if they have a minute to speak with you. If your call is viewed as an interruption, you're dead in the water before you even begin. If your prospect indicates that it's not a good time for your call, apologize for the interruption and ask them when it would be OK for you to call back.

Use a series of open-ended questions to draw your prospect out. Keep in mind when you design your script that your primary goal is not to sell anything, but rather to build rapport, gather information and make an appointment.

People are more comfortable with salespeople who they feel are similar to them. Use your voice to build trust and rapport quickly by "matching and mirroring" your prospect's voice tone, pitch and pace.

Never interrupt your prospect and allow them plenty of time to respond to your questions.

Look for opportunities to make an appointment, don't just answer questions. Avoid the temptation to answer all of your prospect's questions over the phone but instead, guide them toward scheduling a face-to-face meeting.

Source: John Boe, sales trainer/business motivational speaker