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Keep them talking

There will always be prospects who are just not too keen on disclosing information, and this is where a salesperson's mastery of sales skills should shine. When you prospected this potential client, you found out that they are a good fit. The key now is making them see what you saw.

Even when you know they will greatly benefit from your product, you still have to make them vocalize their challenges, so they connect what you offer to what they're facing.

These situations where prospects are not opening up are quite the challenge. The key is to ask meaningful and answerable questions. Make it easy for them to get involved in the conversation. Listen intently to their responses – looking out for tidbits of information you can build upon. The key here is to keep them engaged.

Keeping prospects engaged has a lot to do with what questions you ask. If you just ask confirming questions that can be answered by a yes or a no, you will not get the chance to know more about them. You're just confirming what you already know.

Source: Dan Sincavage, sales author